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How parent's unwarranted actions can hamper the growth of Pre School Children

Updated: May 27

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Parents of our little ones often take impeccable actions for their children to coordinate the best of everything in their lives. From their future to their everyday needs, parents make the soundest choices about the children to ensure they get the best. The parents sometimes take informed decisions and at others dwell in on their maternal/paternal instincts. Note that these instincts can sometimes have an overbearing impact on the kids leading to unforeseen consequences.

Not learning while Playing

For children, playing means the only way to learn new things. Playing sometimes detaches kids from studies but in earlier stages of life playing is necessary. It builds stamina, endurance as well as academic proficiency. Playing can interfere child’s learning pace where the child won’t learn what the parents wish to teach them.

Always asking to fix it

Communicating with the child with no intentions to always test them. Asking them why they did it, schooling them always and not allowing them to discover things on their own may lead to ultimate failure of personality. Henceforth, in Golden Bells, Pre School in Delhi allow the kids to throw things and make them learn to pick it back afterwards.

Depicting Differential Roles and Responsibilities

We try to each an acceptable behavior with the child’s own responsibilities which leaves them in a confined position to a particular kind of role. In this situation the juxtaposition is the best appearance for the children showing something that they are different but together.

Being too lenient or too strict

Never be too lenient or too bearing with children. You can’t just let them fend for themselves. A perfect mix is required. Children respond to a balanced approach of reaching out to them, also reacting to their actions.

Golden Bells, Top Kindergarten School in Ashok Vihar entrust activity based learning methods. These activities encompass all the skills that children can develop via assistance on our part. The best Nursery School in Ashok Vihar helps children develop gross and fine motor skills via theme based activities.

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