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Mid Day Meal

The school provides vegetarian meal each day  which is varied and is created based on nutritive values. Meals are cooked in the school by trained cooks under hygienic conditions and guidance of experienced nutritionists to make sure that it is essential for children's optimal growth and development.Children are also encouraged to try new tastes and flavours.

Mid Day Meal in ashok vihar

Water Intake

To stay hydrated; the school makes sure about sufficient intake of filtered and purified water among children.Water Purifiers are installed on each floor of the school campus.

Water Intake pre school in ashok vihar

Sanitisation & Hygiene

School Sanitation is a key intervention to promote children's right to health and clean environment. The school makes sure about the sanitisation of the premises, neatness and cleaniness of washrooms and also develops hygiene habits that children learn in school and can be carried with them as they grow up.

Sanitisation & Hygiene in Golden Bells
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Biometric System for Guardians
The school allows entry only when the identity of the guardian concerned of the child matches with the data in biometric system of the school.
ID Proof for Parents
The school provides an ID card to parents and permits to hand over the child only after confirming the ID proof of parents.
CCTV Surveillance
CCTV cameras in school are installed to check the conduct and behaviour of everyone in the school.
Well Guarded  School Campus
The campus of the school is well guarded by the guards available at the school gate and has high boundary walls to keep children safe and secured.
Hygienic Environment.webp
Hygienic Environment
The school ensures the neatness and tidiness of the campus to save children from dirt and diseases and maintain a hygienic environment.
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Security Drills
Security drills such as fire drill, emergency evacuation drill, lockdown drill etc. are conducted to ensure the safety of children and adults in the school.
Safe Toys & Equipments.webp
Safe Toys & Equipments
Safety of children is ensured by making sure about children’s engagement in age appropriate, soft edged and soft surfaced toys and learning equipments.
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