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What are the ways to promote speaking and simultaneous listening skills in Pre School Children?

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Children in Pre-School are just beginning to learn new things. They are they expected to be too smart nor too dull. As far as communication is concerned the child is expected to be aware of how to communicate their needs to the care givers. Other than this basic requirement the children can learn almost anything at the Pre School.

“Children are actively ready to develop as well as enjoy.”

How children learn to use words and how they learn to attach emotions to them is actually very fascinating. All they do is listening to others and learning to speak new words with them without knowing the actual meaning of it. They sometimes pick up habits or words that they actually cannot relate to, just by listening and make its own meaning in their little world. This happens either at home or in the premises of the Top Kindergarten School in Ashok Vihar.

As they children learn and grow their speech only by listening, they can be

1) Conversational Process develops Speech

The Parents are required to involve the kids into conversation as much as they can. While having food, going for playing, going for shopping etc. make sure to provide them with enough questions that mostly have an answer in a yes or a no. make sure to point towards or show them the object you are talking about.

2) Encourage Reiteration and Replicating

Ask your child to repeat behind you. The speech development requirement for children is involve them For children it is the best way to understand by listening to what adults are saying in front of them. It is advised to make words rhythmic for children but at the same time make them understand the full words and phonetics as well.

3) Present Choices

The children must be offered with Options to make a choice, if they want something or not. They must be asked to pick between the two. In this way they will be prompted to make choices as well as learn to speak and identify things around.

4) Communicate Emotions

The children must be provided with the facts of how to communicate feelings with the help of words and not actions that involve spitting and biting. This is the most important part of learning where they have to learn the use of words for representing feelings and not the other way round.

A word from us…..

We the facilitators at Play School, Ashok Vihar takes the responsibility of helping the children learn beyond the academic constraints of a class room and help them develop skills in all the 8 kinds of multiple intelligences. The facilitators also encourage table etiquettes, moral behavior, speech development and continuous expansive behavior in the children. To know more about the Best Pre School in Ashok Vihar visit

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