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Some top tips to be looked at while selecting Best Play School for your child.

Selecting the Top Play School in Ashok Vihar may sound scary to the parents of children to some point, it may get intimidating. Searching the best preschool for your toddler may get taxing as well. But remember that, Exploration leads to discovery, the more you explore the better you will find, something that suits your requirements.

“Solutions exists for all the Problems.”

Visit to enquire in all the schools in your vicinityas per your needs. Take the final call to decide preschool for your child, once youget to knoweverything that you as a parent should know.Our aim at Best Nursery School in Ashok Vihar is to bring the transition among kids from home to school effortless. You must considerthe following points while looking for a Play School for your child: Methods of Instruction- As guardians, Parents are required to be well informed about teaching methods used in school. The parents should be aware of child’s needs as well as the extensiveness of program being offered by the school.

Techniques used to gauge the learning - The aim of Pre School teaching is to make the child learn in a growth inductive environment. Be aware of techniques used in order to help your child at home as well.

Security – Security is always the primary concern of the parents. Children must be prevented from roaming around the school without guardians. Ensure that the school has an operational CCTV camera. The infrastructure must also support safety and security of the child. At Top Nursery School in Ashok Vihar, CCTV surveillance is provided for the child.

Hygiene- Hygiene is an important aspect as it impacts the child’s health.Observe the way, the school maintain the hygiene that of course includes everything from the clean floor to clean kitchen. Assure everything that reaches your

Food- Information on the quantity of food, type of meals being served to child (like vegetarian and non-vegetarian), and food preparation related queries must be attended with full dedication because food is the primary need of the child. While being away from home it is the biggest concern of the parents.

Golden Bells, theBest Kindergarten School in Ashok Viharorganizes theme based activities that revolves around Multiple Intelligences and associated dialects. The team at Top Play School Ashok Vihar thus increases the scope of learning and knowledge for children.

“We value Your Precious Ones.”

Happy Preschooling!

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