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How to help Pre School children who find it difficult to share?

As children take their first step in the world, they meet many new faces playing different roles in their lives. It’s important to make them understand the way they should adapt the situations. After their family, they meet the facilitators and children of same age group in the Pre School. The child takes a step into this unknown world through the Play School. The child explores the world through the activities conducted in the premises of Top Pre School in Delhi. The age appropriate environment help them to start from the every scratch, go through situations and learn the emotions such as sharing, caring, empathy etc.

A scenario at Pre-School, how it goes…

Children often find some toy they are fond of, at the school. They adore it for days at a stretch that they simply can’t bring themselves to share it or letting others to even touch it. In such a situation, children may push other children to avoid giving the toy. If the situation escalates and they receive retaliation from other front, they might scratch, bite or resort to hitting one another or can sometimes start crying.

“Share with them if you want them to learn SHARING.”

How to Teach Sharing to Kids?

Parents must teach their children all about emotions and the process of social inculcations. Talk to them while playing. Playing is the time when you can connect with your child the most. Talk to them in a way that your point comes through like “Can we share this toy with your friend? You both like it.” If the child denies look for ways that can ring the bell with them such as “playing becomes fun when more people are involved. Give it a try” You can also make them understand by telling them the importance of Sharing and how good it is to share the things with friends.

We the team at Golden Bells, the Best Nursery School in Ashok Vihar believe that the child must learn Moral Values along with their schooling process. Values are something that can be mastered effectively while experiencing day to day scenarios. As far as the academics are concerned, students are made to grow in a more proactive environment via theme based activities.

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