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How adopting Yoga is beneficial for the Pre School kids

How adopting Yoga is beneficial for the Pre School kids

Yoga for kids is one of the simplest activity to allow them to explore breathing, stretching, use of muscles etc. The parents are advised to indulge themselves in the kids’ yoga time too. This not just enhance the physical abilities but also bonding and will lay down the foundation of life long group activity. Yoga for children includes playful rolling from side to side tumbling, anything and everything that can get fun and stimulating. The children at Top Pre School in Ashok Vihar are provided with theme based activities that for gross as well as fine motor skills development.

The conduction of such activities inculcate the love for yoga in many ways:

1) Play Videos during yoga time

The children feel more relaxed when they will get indulged into Yoga before going to school. To get them in to the practice the parents can make use of videos available online. The content available in them is to grab the interests & ignite sparks of curiosity. As a parent of a Pre Schooler you already know that- When you have your child’s attention you have the world. It is the best time to introduce them to new concepts and brush up the older ones. With a little touch of music, children can learn alphabet along with routine stretching.

2) Make them feel proud of it

When the child develops a routine introduce them to age-appropriate yet complex poses. Encourage the children to take up Yoga as a talent to be mastered and further perform it on talent display events, in front of their friends etc.

‘Yoga is the children what water is to trees.’

3) Take up fascinating games

Play games like Yoga Shapes and Musical mats. These are the simplest ones that children can undertake to introduce themselves with the concept of yoga. This is the simplest form of yoga that can also help them with the understanding of shapes. The children can pick a shape and make it with their own bodies or like musical chairs, can shift on mats and make different poses.

4) Follow the Leader

It is one such yoga performance that enables the kids to follow their instructor. In this way children can be made to perform complex yoga poses. And trust the fact that they would not only do their best, they’ll also love the complexity of it.

At Best Nursery School in Ashok Vihar, Golden Bells, summer camps are organized every year for Play School Children, where Yoga is the much loved activity. This year also itself a good amount of time was devoted on making children understand and enjoy yoga. Visit for more information.

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