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From early years to early schooling, children reap benefits of Play School learning.

Since birth to the first 7 Years of Life, everything of a child’s life is sculpted. These years really mean everything? When it comes to child development, it's been said that the most crucial milestones in a kid's life occur between the age of 0-7.

Aristotle once said: “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.”

Child’s early year of learning

Since birth, a child becomes life line of the family. In between, the child’s first word utterances and first writing, the best play school comes in the role. At the best Pre School in Delhi, facilitators offer play based learning to make kids learn. Opting for the Top Kindergarten School in Delhifor 2-5 years old kids is very important as this is the age for experimentation and exploration.

Your Role as Parents

By the age of 2, kids develop certain habits and start to show interest in their favorite things. As parents you should go through the entire curriculum of the school and ensure that the school is meeting all what you are looking for. For instance, if your child is hyper active,share your concern and ask what would the facilitators do to channelize the energy in the classroom. This is usually one of the question we encounter at times. How our curriculum is best for the kids, is the other one?

Ensure that the facilitators are aware of all that they should know about their student. For instance, if the child has grown with the kids of same age group in joint family he/she is likely to be more sociable than others.

How we do it

Children of 2-3 years of age learn either by doing or by imitating others. At Top Play School in Ashok Vihar children are made to learn in a peer environment where they learn by observing. In Golden Bells, we provide an environment to satiate the budding curiosity of children.

Pre School turns out to be fulfilling towards all the requirements for kids. To cater to ever increasing, every day needs of the toddlers, they are exposed to new things every now and then.

For Social Inculcation, children are made to participate in various activities, develop Interpersonal and Intrapersonal skills, and understand group dynamics.

Learning is never unidirectional in Pre School. A child can always learn a number of things while walking the path. For instance, learning alphabets involving recognizing colors and building vocabulary around it. At Top Nursery School in Ashok Vihar we provide the best of facilities keeping everything in consideration.

“The hidden talents of a child are waiting to be unleashed.”

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