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Blue Day Celebration at Golden Bells, the Best Pre School in Ashok Vihar

Our little children full of enthusiasm and brilliance take the first step into the world via stepping into the Best Play School in Delhi. These are intricately designed facilities to help children learn in play based environment as well build the muscle strength along with physical development. In Golden Bells Pre School, Ashok Vihar the kids here get the real world exposure, of course in a controlled setting. The more they will do, the more they will learn.

As part of the curriculum, the students are exposed to different kinds of stories and play-based activities to make them learn different themes. These stories replicate the real world for the children in an environment that is easier to be understood by them. It is easier for them to see a caterpillar munching on vegetables and being the protagonist of a story. Hence with children friendly themes, they learn to live in the world in their own ways.

As a part of our commitment to give Quality Education, the team at Kindergarten School Ashok Vihar made the kids to understand colors by organizing Blue Day Celebration. Telling & showing are entirely different for a child. For which we created an environment in the Top Nursery School in Ashok Vihar for kids, that was entirely painted blue & the related activities were enjoyed by kids to celebrate Blue Color Day. The children played a game wherein they kicked blue colored balloons, building their muscle strength, physical dexterity, coordinated movements of legs etc.

After that the children were made to pick up the Blue Objects with various shapes from a mixed pile, choose one at a time and put them on the boundary of the shapes drawn on the floor. This simple activity will not reflect on their skills and organization but also make them familiar with shapes and colors. Aligning one after the other, recognizing shapes and the texture of blocks, the children learn beyond simply identifying the colors. Kids’ exercised their muscles and learnt via concept based active learning method.

At the Best Pre School in Ashok Vihar, the children learn via theme based activities. These activities are centered on a particular concept, specifically around the book of the month. The activities prepared for the children have props that are non-hazardous and safer to play with.

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