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8 ways in which you can prepare your child for Pre School Learning

Children by the age of 2 years are old enough to be enrolled into a school but not old enough to start their lives without any external support. Outside the school, children should made to feel happy in new environment to make their school experience a happy one, that’s we do at Golden Bells, Best Pre School in Ashok Vihar.Right Conduct will bring a happy family in the picture frame with utmost Righteousness.

Habit of eating from a lunch box: A child must be taught to directly eat from the lunch box and finish whatever is served. Since the family is not available to change the food as per the demands of the child, he/she must know that whatever meal is being served to them is to be finished entirely.

Make them love school: The school offers everything, evenbeyond the child’s requirements. Parents here can help the child develop a fondness for the school by telling them about what all they will be doing while they will be there.

Make them responsible-Give your child small work responsibilities. Don’t forget to appreciate their work whenever required. Ask them to put things back at their place, like fruits I basket etc.

Cognizant of everyday hygiene- Children must be prepared to follow bathroom practices like washing their hands after use etc.

Make them aware of their environment– Deliver a piece of information about the things around them, such as the sounds associated with the letters, names of things, reading etc.

Develop fine motor skills-A number of activities are taken up at Golden Bells, Top Nursery School in Ashok Vihar to develop fine motor skills among kids. Number of play based activities are also conducted in the premises Golden Bells to strengthen bilateral coordination between the senses etc.

Make them use magic words more than often –Children must be taught to make use of words such as sorry, please and thank you. These words help in building an effective communication.

“Magic words make the child more admirable.”

Teach their name- Kids should be made you know their name &familiar with the first alphabet of it.

Right exposure at an early age helps the child to evolve effortlessly. Toddlers’ parents mustentrust Golden Bells, Top Kindergarten School in Ashok Vihar. We know what your child needs, hence, we deliver the same.

Happy Preschooling!

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